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Woven Grey Basket Gift Set

Woven Grey Basket Gift Set


Grey Basket Gift Set will Come to You Filled With:

1-Red Hot Cinnamon Scented Room/Linen Spray

1-Red Hot Cinnamon Scented Primitive Pint Jar Candle

1-Blueberry Cobbler Scented Primitive Half Pint Jar Candle

1-Red Hot Cinnamon Scented Clam Shell Tart

1-Blueberry Cobbler Scented Clam Shell Tart

1-Black Cherry Scented Clam Shell Tart

1-Enamelware Candle Plate

1-Red & White Pipberry Candle Ring

All Nestled in a Double Handled Woven Grey Basket.

Ready for Gift Giving!

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