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Electric Candle Lights

Electric candle lights are flameless candles. They great for those places the "conventional" candle is not allowed or too dangerous. Each will come with a silicone dipped primitive bulb and a brown 6 foot cord with an on/off switch. The bulb heats the wax just enough to give a scent throw without melting. For every 72 hours that you have your candle light on, plese turn it off for at least 2 hours so it will get its scent back. Use a heat resistant plate.

Grubby Star Electric Light
Our Price:  $18.00  
Grubby Pillar Electric Light
Our Price:  $18.00  
Small Electric Candle Light
Our Price:  $18.00  
Tall Grubby Light With Punch-Out
Our Price:  $32.00  
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